Monday, February 27, 2012

In the mind of a 12 year old

I recently asked my student to write about what they would do and where they would go if they had a time machine. I really enjoyed some of the results. This is a slight view, a short perspective of 12 year old Thai girls and what it is they really want. Here they are. Do you have a favorite?

If I had a time machine, I would like to go to Canada because in Canada have maple leaf.

I would make more merit. Talk about Buddhism more than before time. I would go back to the day of my beautiful memories. I would live with happiness. I would obey my grandma and my grandpa more before time.

I went to the beach again in the evening in order to see sunset which is very beautiful. If I can talk to the sun I will tell him he is very nice and warm in the morning and in the evening. During the day, he is very strong and brave. It is the time which I am very happy.

Make my mother to be proud to me.

If I had a time machine, I would to go to the zoos everywhere in the world and I would to fun and very happy because I liked animals very much and I wanted to give happy to every body in the world.

Go to America. I would study in University of America. I want to eat chocolate of America. I want to play snow. I want to meet Santa Clause. I want present and eat chicken. I love Thailand. I like America. I want a time machine very much.

I would go to a future city.

I would either go to the past since have magic, princess, prince, witch, wizard, and dragon. I want to know about origin of everythings. And I would rather go to the future. I want to know the progress of country/ of thought of people and everythings. And I would rather go to past life, I want to know living of me in past life and background of me.

If possible I want to talk to Buddha and important persons such as King Rama II, Santa, MonaLisa, Etc.....

According to my opinion, I estimate that time machine in 2300.

Go to edit my bad past.

I want to eat the food of the future.

Journey with my family, my family is my favourite thing my favourite people.

I will see dinosaurs.

Go back to my dad and my mom when they wedding's day. I think everyone is so happy and I want to go back to my birthday. I want to know, who is happy, sure my mom and dad is so happy, will everyone exciting?

fuchiko F fuchio, he is directed Doreamon movies but he died for long time. I want to see him. He is my idol.

I like to go to the Baroque era to visit Mozart. I want to see how he write the song. I will go around the city and try to find out, what inspired him to produce such a great music.

I will talk to myself in future or past by the words, "Hello i'm Ploy from future/past nice to meet you." I think that my friend will surprise and said, "OMG!!!"

To the Doraemon room because I can get anything from a magic bag's Doraemon. And I would like to visit Mammos in Flinstone.

Go to Koh-chang. I like the sea, I would always swim in the sea.

I would see god and fairy.

I want to see the world. Does it have Thailand? Or it disappear in 2012?

I think the present is the best. The past perhaps it has bad memory. The future is not fun. So the present is best.

I would do something for my parents.

Start all my life new. The thing that I would do is I will work more hard. I will make my father and my mother more proud in me.

Stop the time and go to some place alone, because sometime I want to stay alone, and talk with my favorite singer/ban such as Cold Play.

I would like to do American hamburger.

I would like to do Kimchi and talk to Korea people.

I could sneak my way into history and get myself hinted. I don't try to convert anyone.

I would like to go and see a Shakespeare play, with the bard himself in it. Then, I save John Lennon from being shot, and I would go to Jerusalem 30 AD. I would follow the story and report on the details.

Get my secret, and dig a soil and put my secret in land.

Go to comic, I would like to meet Doraemon. If I were in the story with Doraemon, I would tell him to put a magic pen. The special magic pen that I want, it can do all homework all subjects especially it can help me do exam tests and have grade fact, it doesn't have a time machine. Thus, I have to pay more attention to my study.

I would go to an outer space on the sky to see a beautiful star and a big galaxies. I would gently catch them and keep it in my pocket so nobody can take it away. I would talk with them every night every hour and every minute. And if I meet an alien I would talk with them like my best friend and I will teach them how to speak Thai language, and told them about Thai culture may be they wants to come back with us to Thailand.

My favorite singer is Eminem. (this is for you Allison...and yeah, this is really what she wrote)


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